5 bad things that happen if you exercise absolutely every day

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5 bad things that happen if you exercise absolutely every day
5 bad things that happen if you exercise absolutely every day

Do you dream of achieving the desired figure as soon as possible? You are very likely to fall into one of the most common traps of this longing – exercising every day. Many people allow this flawed strategy to take over their daily lives, actually doing more harm than good.

Exercising every day, even more so if it is intense and demanding, has its negative effects, which have a detrimental effect not only on your achievements, but also on your overall he alth.

What happens in the body if you train absolutely every day without rest?

You stop performing well

If you don't give yourself time to recover after a workout, chances are you'll start to lose the endurance and fitness of your muscles. The load during training exerts pressure on the muscles and the musculoskeletal system, which causes the appearance of local inflammation. In order for the tissues to recover from the strain and these inflammations, the body needs time to rest. If you don't give it to him, you gradually start to lose your strength and perform worse and worse in the gym.

Stop losing weight

If the goal of your training is to lose weight, abuse of exercise and physical activity can lead to stagnation in this endeavor. Lack of adequate rest between workouts increases stress hormones, especially cortisol. Its persistently high levels lead to the retention of adipose tissue "for rainy days". The body does this because it thinks that if you continue to train so hard it will have nowhere to draw energy from, so it transforms every calorie consumed into fat. That's why the scale doesn't move.

You are experiencing heart rate fluctuations

When stress in the body builds up too much and stays at high levels for a long period of time, it causes your body to not come out of the stress mode it is in. This causes the nervous system to react, which inevitably affects every muscle in the body, including the heart. If you regularly overdo your workouts every day, it puts your cardiovascular and nervous systems at serious risk.


Why do you feel chronic fatigue

Bad mood

Lack of motivation and despair due to a drop in energy, productivity and achievement affects your mood as well. After you've exhausted your body to the limit without getting the satisfaction you're looking for, you start to feel worse and less motivated. This whole vicious circle that you have entered is causing you to experience emotional and physical exhaustion that is characterized by depressed feelings.

Suffering from insomnia

Extreme exhaustion does not lead to sound sleep, as is wrongly believed. In fact, accumulating high levels of stress interferes with falling asleep and makes sleep restless and shallow throughout the night. You wake up tired in the morning and have trouble getting up, especially if you finally managed to fall asleep at dawn. These are just some of the negative effects of training every day without rest.

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