Michael Mosley's "5:2" diet criticized

Michael Mosley's "5:2" diet criticized
Michael Mosley's "5:2" diet criticized

One of the modern diets today is Michael Mosley's or the so-called "5:2". It consists in the fact that five days of the week you can eat whatever you want, and the next two days - to starve, writes Live Science.

Actually, fasting is a strong statement - you just have to limit your food intake to 500 calories a day for women and 600 calories for men.

According to Mosley, with this diet last year, he lost nine kilograms. His book "Fast Diet" is already a bestseller in the American book market.

In order to really lose weight, we need to reduce the calories we take in with our food. But nutritionists are skeptical about his diet. They believe it leads to unhe althy eating habits.

In particular, if a person sharply restricts himself in eating, he begins to constantly think about this topic. This is a sure step towards overeating in the first five days of the regime. The second weakness of the "5:2" diet is that it is possible to stumble towards unhe althy, harmful, but tasty foods because one does not think about the correctness of one's nutrition in general.

One of Mosley's main opponents is nutritionist Catherine Tolmage. She explains that people have a hard time sticking to fasting regimens. Tolmage shares the cases of his patients who observed the opposite option - five days of fasting and two days of eating everything - and in this case, too, no weight loss was achieved.

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