Causes of spinal curvatures and incorrect posture

Causes of spinal curvatures and incorrect posture
Causes of spinal curvatures and incorrect posture

Correct posture is directly dependent on the condition and overall condition of the shoulder girdle, back and abdominal muscles. Asymmetrically developed musculature and incorrect posture are the main culprits in the development of spinal curvatures in adolescents, and stiffness and pain in the spinal region in adults.

See what are the main causes of dangerous distortions and how to prevent them:

1) Injuries caused by trauma or past illnesses that affect or alter the bone system.

This also includes sports activities that unevenly develop the musculature of the child's body, which breaks its proper symmetry.

The reason is that the spine is not sufficiently stabilized and is easily susceptible to damage and deformation.

2) Environmental influences:

• The use of height-inappropriate school and home furniture.

• The heavy school bags.

• The quality of the sleeping surface - the use of a deformed or soft mattress, as well as the height of the pillow are prerequisites for disrupting the correct posture in the growth process.

• Prolonged sitting in one position and in one place. A common phenomenon when children play in front of a computer or with a mobile device. They unknowingly "freeze" in one pose, and this turns out to be detrimental to their musculature.


3) Bad Habits

• Standing with one leg relaxed.

• Improper gait/posture with head forward, stomach relaxed and shoulders hunched.

• Carrying a school bag on one shoulder or with the same hand.

• Improper sitting on a stool/chair and reading in a lying position.

4) The scourge of fashion

The reason can be clothes that are too tight and limit the normal movement of the body, uncomfortable shoes without orthopedic curves, which predisposes to flat feet, and hence to incorrect posture.

5) Defects in the sense organs suggest difficulties in hearing and seeing, hence a tendency to adjust the body in order to compensate.

6) Puberty is a period characterized by rapid growth and development. Unaccustomed to their height, young men begin to walk stooped, and girls, being ashamed of their growing bust, try to cover it up.

Such behavior leads to a violation of correct posture, which subsequently causes permanent curvature of the spine.

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