10 life changes that will protect you from cancer

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10 life changes that will protect you from cancer
10 life changes that will protect you from cancer

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases, gaining enormous proportions in recent decades. Different types of cancer are caused by different mechanisms. Some arise because of genetic predispositions. Others are caused by viruses, others by a bad lifestyle.

Since it is difficult to counteract all the harmful mechanisms, we can do the easiest thing - change our lives to reduce the risk not only of cancer, but also of a number of other dangerous diseases with a high risk of premature mortality.

A few changes in daily life can significantly improve he alth status and contribute to a fuller and longer life.

Stop smoking

One of the most harmful habits, smoking, increases the risk of cancer several times. Stopping smoking can help protect you not only from lung cancer, but also from many other organs indirectly affected by the poisonous smoke.

Eat he althy

Limiting the well-known harmful foods and emphasizing the full of useful natural nutrients will help you detoxify the body from excess elements and reduce the risk of cancer, especially of the colon, stomach, esophagus.

Don't have dinner late

Think twice before reaching for the fridge after 7pm. A 2018 study by Spanish scientists found that dinner should be a few hours before bedtime. The results show that people who eat less than two hours before going to sleep have a higher risk of developing prostate, breast, colon cancer.

Maintain optimal weight

Neither overweight nor underweight is a good option. In both extremes, the metabolism is ineffective, that is, compounds are formed in the body, causing the appearance of cells with dangerous potential.

With an excessively large amount of adipose tissue in the body, risks are also associated with cardiovascular, hormonal and degenerative diseases, which also increase the risk of cancer.

Be active

Exercise and movement are an essential part of a he althy lifestyle. Physical activity increases he alth status, reduces the risk of cancer and other dangerous diseases, controls weight and balances blood sugar.

Protect yourself from the sun

Harmful UV rays from the sun increase the risk of cancer not only of the skin, but also of internal organs and systems. Even the lightest single skin burn alters the DNA of the cells and causes them to divide in an irregular, risky way.

Don't overdo it with alcohol

Daily use of alcohol increases the risk of cancer of the esophagus, larynx, liver, oral cavity, breast.

Practice safe sex

Use condoms during sex, especially with fickle partners. A number of sexually transmitted diseases as well as some viruses increase the risk of cancer.

Beware of exposure to toxins

Every toxin that enters the body interferes with the work of cells, organs and systems. Interfering with cellular metabolism prevents the proper division and removal of toxins from the body. Thus the risks of cancer increase.

Have regular checkups

The more often a person has a general he alth checkup, the better the chances of dangerous deadly diseases being diagnosed and treated in time.

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