Weird and funny pregnancy superstitions

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Weird and funny pregnancy superstitions
Weird and funny pregnancy superstitions

Boy or girl, he althy, blonde, black, what is the baby in my belly, this is what all pregnant women ask themselves. Although advanced technology very convincingly guides us to everything we need to know when we are pregnant, it does not hurt to have fun with a little pregnancy superstitions and omens…

The smell of garlic

If a pregnant woman eats a clove of garlic and no smell of the smelly vegetable comes out of her mouth afterwards, then she is pregnant with a girl.

Change in mood

The more often you change your moods and constantly alternate them, then you are almost certainly pregnant with a girl, because more female hormones are raging inside you. And if you have a tiny baby boy growing in your body, the more smiling and calm you will be all the time.

Play with child

If a baby or a little boy plays with a pregnant woman and clings to her, then she is expecting a girl. If he doesn't show any interest in her, then he's a boy.

Cold feet and dry hands

Are your feet colder? Then you are pregnant with a boy. If your hands are also constantly too dry, it's again a sign that you're expecting a boy.

Grace and clumsiness

There is a superstition that if a pregnant woman is very clumsy, clumsy, untidy even during pregnancy, then she is expecting a boy. If, on the contrary, she has become even more gentle, elegant, kind, then she is certainly pregnant with a girl.

The skin under the left eye

If you pull the skin under your left eye and it forms a mark similar to the letter "V", then you are most likely pregnant with a girl.

Wooden spoon

If you put a wooden spoon and a pair of scissors under your bed, and a pink ribbon under your pillow, this is how you wish for a girl and your wish will come true.

And know that 71% of women actually know the gender of their baby. They just know.:)

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