Michael Bolton is coming again for a concert at the NDK

Michael Bolton is coming again for a concert at the NDK
Michael Bolton is coming again for a concert at the NDK

10 years after his last concert in our country Michael Bolton is coming to Bulgaria again to please his many fans. His concert on July 18 in Hall 1 is organized by the National Palace of Culture and is part of the singer's world tour.

This became clear at a special press conference, where the NDK spoke about the upcoming cultural projects with an emphasis on musical events and outlined the strategic goals for the Palace in the period 2019-2020

Before his meeting with the Bulgarian audience, Michael Bolton will perform concerts in Florida, Los Angeles, England, USA and Chile. He has more than 20 years on stage under his belt, which have earned him a Grammy Award for Best Male Vocal, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and several platinum albums. Has sold more than 65 million records worldwide.

"This year, the NDK aims to follow a constructive policy regarding its produced events, based on existing traditions," noted the chairman of the Board of Directors, Borislav Velkov. He outlined the directions of development of the cultural spaces of the National Palace of Culture - Azarian Theater, DNA-space for contemporary dance and performance, Literary Club "Peretto" and cinema "Lumier Lidl", as well as the upgrading of the main festivals of National Palace of Culture - Kinomania and New Year's Music Festival.

About a month ago, NDK announced two other key concerts that they will produce - on October 30, NDK and the Foundation will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the rock legend Kiril Marichkov, and on October 18, NDK together with the Apolonia Foundation will welcome in Sofia the Italian soul star Mario Biondi.

Tickets for the concerts of Michael Bolton, Mario Biondi and "Kyril Marichkov at 75" can be purchased at the ticket office of the Ticket Center - NDK and online at tickets.ndk.bg.

Borislav Velkov once again emphasized the importance of the National Book Center for translations and the promotion of Bulgarian authors, announced the restoration of the Salon of Arts from 2020, as well as the creation of a permanent open stage in the park behind the National Palace of Culture as a new opportunity for a festival location in Sofia.

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