For those men who beat their wives to prove themselves

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For those men who beat their wives to prove themselves
For those men who beat their wives to prove themselves

Video: For those men who beat their wives to prove themselves

Video: For those men who beat their wives to prove themselves
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This is a dramatic story of revenge and redemption, a story of the suffering of a young woman in search of true love. Having lost loved ones, home, faith and love, the heroine turns to self-destruction, using her extraordinary beauty as a poisonous weapon. Beginning with posing for pornographic magazines, the fall pushes her into the arms of a prominent politician. The terrible humiliation to which she is subjected gives birth in her tormented soul to disgust and an urge for revenge. The scandal she hopes to cause with secretly filmed footage of her tormentor's antics should shake the foundations of Turkish society. Determined to give her death some meaning justifying her ruined life, the harlot asks, "Who will cast the first stone?"

Will her sacrifice make sense? Will an honest journalist be found to expose the disgrace and corruption? Will the politicians turn against one of them - only in the name of justice?


About the author

Ayfer Tunç, one of the most famous and popular writers of modern Turkey, was born in 1964. She graduated in political science from Istanbul University. He started working as a journalist in 1989, when he also received the most prestigious short story award in Turkey, "Yunus Nadi". For many years, he managed the publishing house "Yap Kredi Yayanlar". In 2003, he won the "Balkanika" international award. Eifer Tunc is the author of three collections of short stories, many screenplays and novels.

About the book

Don't let this title fool you. This is not a book about wizards, fairies or magic. As cryptic as the title sounds, this is certainly not a novel about mystery and mystery. No matter how poetic it may seem to you, it is actually a book about everything opposite to the poetic in life - as the main character herself says in one place: injustice, deceit, evil, hatred, betrayal, cruelty, anger, revenge, greed, hatred, rage, malice, torture, violence, torture, revenge, anguish, oppression, frustration, arbitrariness, pain, disaster, ruin, audacity, contempt, poverty, disgust”…

This is a realistic book about the world we live in. A world where the powerful of the day can use their money and position to crush others, run over them morally and mentally, to satisfy their own perverse need to delude themselves that they are more than others.

This is a book about those men who prove their masculinity by beating their wives. This is a novel about politicians who give televised speeches about virtue and morality, then go shamelessly high on cocaine and participate in orgies. This is a novel about love that without realizing it turns into a sense of ownership, a belief that a woman can be owned, used, sold… This is a novel about all the things you would never want to happen to you in life. But the truth is, no matter how much we turn a blind eye to these things, none of us can escape our fate.

But actually, first and foremost, this is a novel about a woman.

A woman to whom fate was very cruel, but who also did everything in her power to destroy even the smallest good that life brought her. A woman who is so consumed by a sense of self-destruction that she is willing to hurt even those she loves in order to ultimately hurt herself.

Surely, in psychology there is a special term for this state - when a person is convinced that he deserves only bad things to happen to him, and therefore, in order not to have vain hopes for something good, he himself causes the bad in his life. I think it should be called the green fairy.

Is there relief from such a condition? Is there a way out of the dead end? From the bottom of a well?

"The Night of the Green Fairy" shows us that sometimes these are not the important questions - but only: If you are going to drown anyway, how many more of your enemies can you drag with you? And in the end, what is the price of the truth and how many of us are willing to pay it?