Easy steps to reduce your sugar intake

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Easy steps to reduce your sugar intake
Easy steps to reduce your sugar intake

Video: Easy steps to reduce your sugar intake

Video: Easy steps to reduce your sugar intake
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We love sweet treats, and around holidays, as well as on some other days, we overindulge in their consumption. The intake of sugar in one form or another has not only a negative effect on our figure.

Sugar has been scientifically proven to play a key role in the development of some types of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and others. That is why it is good to reduce or eliminate it from our menu. Here are some easy steps to help you cleanse your body of it and consume it less often.

Eat regularly

The main meals of the day should be three, and it is good to have small snacks in between. Some people who do not eat regularly have low blood sugar levels. Not only do they feel sick, but at these times they tend to take large amounts of sugary treats.


Add whole grains to your menu

The closer a food is to its original form, the less sugar and other additives it will contain. Food in its natural form, including fruits and vegetables, usually does not cause metabolic problems.

That's why make your menu varied by including he althy whole grains in moderation.

Consume he althy fats and proteins for breakfast

He althy smoothies are a great way to start the day. In contrast, a typical breakfast full of carbs and sugar is the worst option as it won't give you enough energy and will leave you feeling hungry throughout the day.

Breakfast plays a key role in whether you'll experience sugar cravings for the rest of the day.

So eat oatmeal, sandwiches with whole wheat bread or make a smoothie with milk, fruit and nuts.

Try to include he althy protein and/or fat with each meal. This helps control blood sugar levels.


Add spices to your food

Coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom are great spices that not only make food and drinks more interesting, but can also reduce your sugar cravings.

Get enough sleep

When we are tired, we often over-consume sugar because we need more energy. This is why a good night's sleep is so important for our he alth. By sleeping enough and eating he althy, we won't need sweets to be energetic.

Replace sugar as a sweetener with stevia or honey.

Drink plenty of water and always have fresh fruit with you. They will help you satiate your hunger for sweet treats.