Constipation - do we talk about it or suffer in silence

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Constipation - do we talk about it or suffer in silence
Constipation - do we talk about it or suffer in silence

Video: Constipation - do we talk about it or suffer in silence

Video: Constipation - do we talk about it or suffer in silence
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Irregular stomach – result of stress and poor diet

Constipation is a widespread problem. On average, 16% of the population in Bulgaria suffers from constipation. This problem affects women to a greater extent. 20% of women suffer from irregular stomach. According to doctors, the main cause of constipation is improper nutrition and lack of physical activity.

With the modern way of life, it is difficult to form nutritional and physiological habits - we work non-stop, go to bed late, travel a lot. We often eat on the go and do not consume enough fiber and fluids. Sitting in front of the TV, alcohol, drinking insufficient water, overeating meat and fatty foods lead to constipation.

On the other hand, constipation can be triggered by psychological problems, travel, stress, change of workplace or environment.

About constipation (constipation) as a he alth problem

We can talk about a he alth problem if we go in great need less than 2-3 times a week. There are some factors that influence the development of constipation. First of all, it is the wrong way of eating and lack of exercise; some he alth conditions such as operations, diseases of internal organs, childbirth.

  • Hormonal Imbalance

    Research shows that hormonal imbalance also leads to constipation – often before and during menstruation and/or pregnancy, as well as during menopause. The hormone progesterone has the property of reducing muscle contractions. In this way, the movement of the colon is slowed down by ovulation, which also explains why women often feel bloated before menstruation.

    • Digestion

      Food moves through the gastrointestinal tract by bowel movements - peristalsis - rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the muscles in the intestinal wall. During this "journey" through the approximately 9 meter long human intestine, food is processed physically and chemically. When the "journey" is over, the nutrients have been absorbed into the body. In order to "travel" normally, the contents of the intestine must be sufficient in volume and soft. Lifestyle and consumption of foods low in water and fiber can lead to hardening of the intestinal contents. We feel "bloated".

      Constipation can be cured with a change in lifestyle and diet

      In the first place, foods rich in vegetable fiber, especially fruits and vegetables, are recommended. They are easily digested because they contain water and fiber. These foods "leave" the body quickly and thus facilitate bowel movements. Cereals and brown bread are also high in fiber. It is extremely important to take enough fluids. Regular physical activity is an excellent "medicine" - spending more energy accelerates the metabolism.

      If still nothing helps?

      When changing the movement and food regime fail to deal with the problem, we resort to laxatives or laxatives.

      • Be careful when choosing a laxative

        The most important thing about a laxative is its effectiveness. If the body easily gets used to the drug, the dose should be increased constantly. Thus, the drug may lose its effectiveness. The tolerability and safety of the drug is important. It should not cause discomfort and spastic pains if taken in the recommended dose. It is necessary to predict the onset of its action. It is good that when a laxative is taken in the evening, the effect is manifested in the morning, thus preserving the natural biological rhythm of the person.

        Laxatives in the form of drops have the listed advantages. They allow for individual dosing - according to the severity of the problem. This is best achieved with laxatives in the form of drops

        Gutalax® – an effective laxative with mild action

        Gutalax® is a medicinal product for adults and children over 12 years of age. Read the leaflet before use

        For dosage, method of administration and contraindications, ask your pharmacist.