10 natural ways to deal with diarrhea

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10 natural ways to deal with diarrhea
10 natural ways to deal with diarrhea

An upset bowel is a terribly unpleasant problem that many people face for various reasons. Mastering it is not at all easy. Usually, people are quick to reach for medicines that have the property of stopping diarrhea quickly.

However, these drugs often cause the opposite effect - prolonged constipation.

It is difficult to control this condition, but not impossible with the right natural measures.

Drink herbal tea regularly

Herbs have the ability to regulate the gastrointestinal flora and stimulate beneficial bacteria. Cranberry, rose hip, cinnamon, mint, red elm, nettle teas are most suitable for diarrhea.

Relax and relax

One helpful measure to soothe an irritable bowel is relaxation with a warm compress on the abdomen. Lie on your back and place a heating pad on your abdomen. This will soothe cramping and pelvic pain caused by gastrointestinal upset.

Drink bone broth

Bone broth has the property of soothing the intestines and stopping diarrhea. It owes these properties to the collagen and gelatin in its composition, released during the boiling of the bones. They restore damaged cells in the intestines and stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Avoid dairy, fat, sugar and sausages

These foods worsen the he alth of the gastrointestinal tract and negatively affect the intestinal flora. Specific enzymes are required for the digestion of each food. This process is severely disrupted because the body cannot produce enzymes for artificial and processed foods. In this way, they ferment in the intestines and spoil the flora.

Try water with flour

One efficient natural method is porridge with flour. Dissolve a tablespoon of flour in a glass of water. Drink the porridge after every bowel movement. The purpose of this porridge is to stick to the walls of the intestines and block diarrhea.


Make probiotics your best friends. Fermented foods, yogurt are among the best natural probiotics. Of course, you can also try some probiotics in the form of nutritional supplements.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe has amazing properties in many ways, including against diarrhea. When consumed, aloe vera juice soothes the intestines and stimulates digestion.

Slowly increase your fiber intake

Fiber improves bowel function and controls diarrhea. Since they are difficult to digest, it is necessary to introduce them slowly and gradually into the menu, so as not to cause swelling, gases, discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract.

Emphasis on Enzyme Rich Foods

Some foods are especially rich in enzymes unlike others. Among them are bananas, kefir, pineapple, avocado, bee pollen, papaya, kiwi.

Apples Porridge

Apples are very rich in pectin. This jelly-like substance sticks to the walls of the intestines and blocks inflammation in them. This contributes to quenching diarrhea and restoring balance in the intestines.

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