Forbidden foods while trying to conceive

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Forbidden foods while trying to conceive
Forbidden foods while trying to conceive

Planned conception obliges a woman to bring a little more order to her diet. That is why the diet should be enriched with useful foods containing vitamins and minerals. But there are also foods that should not be taken under any circumstances, even if you are not pregnant yet.

It is important for the fetus to be conceived under the most he althy conditions, and due to this fact, the consumption of the following foods is not recommended:

Smoked Bacon

Studies prove the harm of processed meats and delicacies, especially for pregnant and women of childbearing age. The smoke used to smoke the meat is carcinogenic and potentially dangerous.


Sugar is initially harmful and its consumption should be kept to a minimum. It causes spikes in blood sugar, which carries the risk of gestational diabetes.

Mercury-rich fish

Fish is more useful than any other meat. But there are some types of fish that contain dangerous amounts of mercury, which we know is toxic. Focus on fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, trout, white fish.


Avoid shark, swordfish, tuna because they are the richest in mercury.


Soy is not recommended if you are trying to conceive because it contains phytoestrogens that interfere with hormonal balance. Excess estrogen can damage the egg and cause a lack of ovulation, which prevents conception.


Alcohol should be given up not only during pregnancy, but also during attempts to conceive. Alcohol consumption has also been associated with inhibiting ovulation. That's why it's better to just refrain from it.


You will have to part with your favorite coffee if you are trying for a baby. Caffeine adversely affects fertility. However, doctors allow drinking one cup of weak coffee, but no more.

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