Conceiving faster with 5 easy tricks

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Conceiving faster with 5 easy tricks
Conceiving faster with 5 easy tricks

When you decide you're ready for a baby, you often start to wonder what are the best ways to make things happen faster.

There are a few simple tricks that will help you increase your chances of conceiving faster. Sex positions, practices, bad habits - we'll explain everything!

Try missionary or doggy

These two poses have been proven to be the most effective for conception. In fact, they are the two most natural positions that nature has determined for the purpose called "reproduction." Listen to nature's advice and use these two poses mostly.

Through magnetic resonance imaging, scientists have confirmed that in these positions, sperm have a better chance of reaching the cervix and fallopian tubes faster to fulfill their cherished goal of fertilizing the egg.

Don't worry if you don't orgasm

For men it is clear – their ending is always marked by ejaculation. But women don't necessarily have to experience ultimate pleasure to get pregnant.

So don't worry if you don't have an orgasm - it doesn't mean you won't get pregnant! The less you dwell on it, the less stress you will cause yourself. Stress is a major factor preventing conception - don't forget it!

Lie on your back after sex

Many people think this is an absolute myth because millions of sperm remain in your body for days after sex anyway. Lying down after sex, according to many, is unnecessary.

However, scientists do not completely deny this notion. Nothing prevents you from lying on your back after sex. You can also place a small pillow under your waist to prevent semen from leaking out of the vagina.


Thus you will help the sperm through the laws of gravity to reach their goal. Give nature a hand!

Contraceptive pill users have better chances

Contraceptives are designed for the exact opposite purpose. But their long-term use helps in conception.

This is because these tablets significantly accelerate the maturation process of the egg and improve its qualities. In other words, you are much more likely to get pregnant soon after stopping birth control.

For women who do not use anti-baby pills, the conception process may take a little longer.

Forget the lube

Using lube during sex can make things a lot easier, but if you're having sex for a baby, it's not a good option.

Most lubricants alter the acid-alkaline balance in the vagina, which makes it difficult for sperm to move. The chances of getting pregnant are reduced in this way.

If you still have serious problems with moisturizing, use natural oils like olive oil.

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