For Christmas you can increase your family with a robot

For Christmas you can increase your family with a robot
For Christmas you can increase your family with a robot

The rapid development of new technologies is no longer news and a surprise. That is why we talk more and more about robots and artificial intelligence nowadays. Smart machines are already part of our personal world, everyday life and communication.

And if 20 years ago we imagined humanoid robots helping or threatening us, today we are ready to accept the small robotic vacuum cleaners as a member of the family and even give them names.

The small and efficient machines of iRobot are highly passable in home conditions.

They clean the floors themselves, navigate the premises and collect dust and waste even in the most difficult to reach places. They are not afraid of the goblins that live under the crib. Don't worry when dealing with multiple cables from computers, TVs and sound systems.

They even fight the fringes of the carpets, which persistently try to take over their cleaning brushes. The first Roomba vacuum cleaner robots were created back in 2002 and are now part of the homes of more than 14 million families around the world.

But why do we call them the new family members? On the one hand, they do an excellent job of canceling the person completely and significantly extending the time between two main cleanings. On the other hand, their size and behavior in the home, such as independently moving and retracting the charging station or lightly nudging people's feet, are very reminiscent of the behavior of a pet.

That is why they are often accepted precisely as such, given names and corresponding treatment. Robots clean soft and hard floors completely independently. While they are working, you can enjoy your favorite activities or spend time with your loved ones. You don't even have to be at home.

You will hardly meet a Roomba owner who does not take great care of his robot. And all this is quite expected, because Roomba doesn't just help you, it does the work for you!

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