Inspirational quotes for wedding toasts

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Inspirational quotes for wedding toasts
Inspirational quotes for wedding toasts

Wedding tradition dictates to behave beautiful and inspiring speeches. It's nice when a mood is created, a tear is shed and some warm spomen remains in the heart from the wonderful memorial day.

But if you don't know what to say? What would be appropriate for this case? Imagine you have to go to a wedding or even worse – a bachelor party, but you haven't come up with a suitable speech! What will you do then?

Well, we won't write the speech for you, but we will suggest some of the most relevant topics and ideas to find your inspiration.

Quote a great poet

It's a bit trivial, but it's always emotional! The quote need not be long. You can choose some short but meaningful quote to describe the relationship of your loved ones. Decorate it with your sincere thoughts and it will be a wonderful greeting!

Flare the father of the bride

Or the mother! Emphasize with warmth and tenderness how glad you are that their children have finally found happiness. You will melt the heart of the matchmakers, we are sure! Wish the young family sincere joy and express your happiness that their parents are here to support them.

If you have known each other for a long time, you can also insert a dear memory.

Suggest some advice for future cohabitation

If you already have marriage experience, you can playfully give advice to the young family. A good way to pick up on this theme is a famous quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry that says: "Love does not consist in looking lovingly at each other, but in looking together in the same direction!".

Quote a love message from the Bible

You can quote a passage from a gospel not for a religious purpose, but to emphasize the spirituality and sanctity of marriage. Thus, this memory will remain in the hearts of the couple forever and will warm them in difficult times.

Quote a philosopher

For example, Socrates, who, in addition to being a philosopher, turns out to have been a comedian as well. Use a catchy quote like, “If you find a good woman, you'll be happy. If you find a bad one - you will become a philosopher!". Socrates had a strange sense of humor, but you will surely make your guests laugh.

Emphasize how important laughter is in the family

If the couple has a good sense of humor, use it! John Woodworth said, “Sexiness fades with time, beauty withers. But marrying/marrying a person who makes you laugh every day is a real pleasure!”. Isn't it true?!

Share Classic Wisdom

Remind the couple that “a successful marriage requires persistence – fall in love many times throughout your life, but with the same person!” says Mignon McLaughlin.

Celebrate all that is yet to come

You can calmly list the future good moments that lie ahead for the young family - nesting, the birth of children, love and understanding, the successes they will achieve together in a difficult life! You're sure to make all the guests cry!

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