How to choose a wedding gift?

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How to choose a wedding gift?
How to choose a wedding gift?

The old Bulgarian tradition of having a big wedding with several hundred guests, tables, gifts, an orchestra with a drum… has long been no longer honored as massively as twenty years ago. But although it is rare, there is still a chance that a close friend, a beloved cousin will invite us to the wedding. What gift should we choose? Here are some practical tips to help you make the right choice.

Money in an envelope will never go out of style

Many people think that giving money to the newlyweds is rude and even insulting, but does the young family actually take things that way? Be sure that every penny will be useful at the beginning of their life together. Don't worry that presented like this, your gift might offend or disappoint them. Moreover, in souvenir shops special envelopes for money are now available, which even have an artistic value and can be accepted as a work of art. Money as a wedding gift is a really smart decision. On the one hand, you save time for shopping, and on the other hand, you give the newlyweds the opportunity to spend the money on something they really need.

Make your gift match the nature of your relationship with the newlyweds

If you have been invited to your wedding by a distant relative whom you see once every few years and it is clear to you that you are just filling the number of guests from his family, it is somehow not right to throw yourself on an overly expensive gift that would worth half a salary. On the other hand, if you are at the wedding of your closest friend, with whom you used to spend unforgettable moments, you will be pleased to please him with an expensive and original wedding gift. Here is the side of the question concerning the value of the gift, worth not neglecting.

Let your choice not be too modernistic-avant-garde

Even if you are an artist with proven avant-garde ideas, consider whether the newlyweds who invite you to their wedding share your artistic beliefs and how well your tastes match. You won't be happy if you find out one day that the wonderful painting or sculpture (in your opinion) you gave them is gathering dust in their closet.

If the gift is bulky, consider carrying it

Let's say that you understand in advance that the new family will need an armchair or a small bookcase or another bulkier item. Be sure to arrange proper transportation for your gift to the newlyweds' residence. Even if they really like it when they receive it, it's not convenient for that to happen in the restaurant, is it?

Choose something from the pre-gift list

We all know the American practice - the newlyweds prepare a list of the gifts they want, "assign" one of the close relatives to be in charge of it, and the invited guests make their choice from the list. This manner is now more and more often adopted in our country. There is nothing wrong with this idea - it is rational and acceptable, and it does not hide the risk of giving a gift that the newlyweds will not like.

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