Who thinks about what on the way to the altar?

Who thinks about what on the way to the altar?
Who thinks about what on the way to the altar?

Worry, impatience, regret, panic? In fateful moments like this, sometimes one is able to loosen the belt of one's worries and fall into an ocean of thoughts directly and indirectly related to the upcoming marriage, to his relationship, to the opinion of his distant aunt about what was happening, with the horror at the thought that he forgot to turn off the iron before going out (and who irons on their wedding day?)… Excluding the rapid heart rate and high blood pressure, this mild panic is not fatal. It is even interesting to observe yourself thinking at such a moment - you understand where your weak points are and discover what you are sure of. What did some brides and grooms think about during their wedding?

She is the most beautiful woman on earthah!”

Irrespective of whether we imagined a person with a completely different appearance next to us, appreciating his qualities, discovering how he complements us, gaining his trust and love, we begin to look at him with different eyes. No wonder that in the church the bride becomes a princess at least to her future husband.

I will have to take care of one more person besides myself.”

With this sentence, the border between unofficial bachelorhood (and thus bachelorhood) and official commitment is crossed. With it, a person realizes the responsibility that marriage brings, begins to imagine himself in the role of a friend, patron and patronized.

Am I ready for this?”

Uncertainty is something completely normal. With the wedding, one enters a completely new forest of relationships between people. This is real only in theory, especially if the newlyweds have previously lived together. But we have to agree that the phrase "This is my husband" sounds completely different in one's own and other people's ears, right?

I made the right decision.”

Perhaps this phrase is the counterreaction of our consciousness to the previous one. In order for there to be a balance between calmness and restlessness, we are bound to feel proud and self-confident at the right decision at some point. No wonder the next moment the worm of doubt bites us again, but that's where the thrill and the test is to see how strong you are emotionally and how much you can control your thoughts.

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