IRobot becomes part of the smart home concept with the new Roomba 980

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IRobot becomes part of the smart home concept with the new Roomba 980
IRobot becomes part of the smart home concept with the new Roomba 980

The leader in robotic technology solutions, iRobot Corp., has introduced the new Roomba 980. It is the first robot vacuum cleaner to combine adaptive navigation with visual localization, a cloud-based app for remote control and greater power for cleaning soft floors flooring.

“With more than 14 million home robots sold worldwide, iRobot is a global leader in automated cleaning,” said Colin Engle, the company's chairman and CEO. “The Roomba 980 is the next big step forward. It is iRobot's first cloud-connected home product to provide spatial mapping technology. These capabilities allow the robot to get to know the environment better and the customer to exercise more control. These are the technologies that turn our appliances into connected robots, part of the smart home."

Smart: Roomba thoroughly cleans the home, through a new type of navigation

The cleaning navigation technology iAdapt® is equipped with new sensors, through which the Roomba 980 cleans the floors of the home independently and thoroughly. iRobot introduces for the first time in a consumer product its patented visual vSLAM® (visual simultaneous localization and mapping) technology. This technology is part of the new iAdapt® 2.0 navigation system with visual localization, which allows Roomba 980 to create a map of the cleaning environment that constantly monitors the location of the robot while cleaning surfaces. Using the card, the Roomba 980 works continuously for two hours, returns to its charging station to recharge and, if necessary, resumes the work process again, until the surface is completely cleaned. The robot cleans open spaces by moving in parallel straight lines while also using the adaptive sensor pattern to go under and around furniture and obstacles.


Easy: Connected Roomba robot, via the iRobot HOME AppThe new iRobot app

- HOME App enables users to connect to Roomba 980 over a wireless network. Thus, the robot's working time can be managed at any time and from anywhere. Also, the Roomba 980 can be programmed to clean up to seven times a week via smartphone. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the HOME App extends the functionality of the robot, allowing the user to select the appropriate cleaning mode according to the needs of their home. The HOME App provides up-to-date information on the cleaning process, tips and direct access to a technical support center.

Clean: Twice the user experience with the new Carpet Boost feature

Roomba 980 recognizes the different types of flooring and optimizes the suction power according to their type. The new AeroForce™ cleaning system with Carpet Boost function automatically increases the power of the Gen 3 motor when stepping on carpets or other soft floors. At the same time, the robot has a smaller height than its predecessors in order to get under furniture even more easily.

“Robot vacuum cleaners cannot rely on just one technology to achieve effective cleaning,” commented Christian Cerda, Executive Vice President and Head of Home Robots at iRobot. "Cleaning power, efficient navigation, adaptability to an ever-changing environment, and much more, are all important factors that must function in balance. In the Roomba 980, all this is provided so that we can provide our customers with convenient, personalized and effective help in the daily care of maintaining the home.“

The Roomba 980 is available in the US and Canada starting today, September 17, 2015, priced at US$899. It will be released in Japan and select European markets in early Q4 2015.

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