How to prepare the girl for menstruation

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How to prepare the girl for menstruation
How to prepare the girl for menstruation

Video: How to prepare the girl for menstruation

Video: How to prepare the girl for menstruation
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The arrival of the first period can be shocking for little girls. To avoid the difficult moments of getting used to the menstrual cycle, mothers can come to the rescue. One of the things that every mother can do for her little girl is to prepare her in advance for this turning point in the life of every adolescent girl. In order for your child to accept and get used to this female challenge more easily, it is important to be open, answer all questions and approach with positivity about the changes that will occur in your baby girl's body.

How to help your little girl meet her first period?

Be careful how you talk about menstruation

Sometimes menstruation can be a real challenge. It may be accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms. No matter how difficult and heavy your own period is, avoid being overly negative about it. Your attitude can cause a lot of negativity and fear in your little girl, causing unnecessary stress.

Debunk Some Popular Myths

To help your child navigate the sea of information, first of all debunk the myths they will face later. Try to talk in advance about the things the child might hear about the menstrual cycle and explain what they should not believe and what they should consider to be true. Being informed will help meet this challenge more easily.

Check out all menstrual gadgets together

Show your girl all the tools that can be used during the period. Pads, tampons, pads, menstrual cups, extra pairs of underwear - explain which equipment is used when and how. Share your experience too. Explain to the child how important it is to be prepared in advance with these supplies, as well as to carry them with you when the period is approaching. This will avoid confusing situations that can be particularly traumatic for adolescent girls.

Help the child deal with period management

Explaining in detail the situations your little girl may find herself in during her period is important to dealing with this monthly inconvenience. It must be prepared how to react when it is swimming or any other sport it is engaged in. How to react when he is at school or playing outside with friends. Every situation implies action at this delicate moment. An important parental task is to prepare the child how to act adequately so that he feels good.

Avoid focusing on negative symptoms

You may experience pain and other severe types of discomfort during your period, but don't stress about them. After all, every woman has an individual menstrual cycle, in which not all negative effects appear. Your baby girl may not experience the unpleasant severe and painful symptoms. So don't talk down about your symptoms. Rather, prepare the child that a more intense symptom may occur. That way, your girl will be prepared and won't freak out too much that something is wrong. It is very important to convince the child to share what the symptoms are during the period so that you can react if you notice something disturbing.

Include the men in your life in these conversations

Your little girl should know that men are also aware of this delicate moment in women's lives. They need to get used to the idea that they don't have to be ashamed of the men in their lives.