7 general rules every woman should follow

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7 general rules every woman should follow
7 general rules every woman should follow

Every woman should feel special. But sometimes life makes us feel inadequate, insecure about our beauty and our abilities. We lose our direction, wander and search for ourselves, passing like shadows through our already short lives.

To feel good, even in difficult times, and to keep your feminine self-esteem high, follow these 7 simple rules and you will feel much more confident!


There is nothing simpler than a smile. Even when our soul is not smiling internally, a smile on the face gives a command to the brain to start releasing happiness hormones. Difficulties are much easier to bear with a smile on your face.

After all, life is always easier when someone smiles at you on a dark day!

Don't compare yourself to others

An awful lot of people do it - they compare themselves to others, compete and this inevitably leads to negative thoughts, poor self-esteem and suffering self-esteem.

Some believe that competition is useful because it is how we improve ourselves. The truth is that everyone should be happy with who they are. When you stop comparing yourself to others you will realize how many qualities you actually have!

Don't care about other people's opinions

The "public opinion" tax is one of the heaviest paid by many. When you think too much about how others will accept you, what you should say to be approved, how you should dress to be liked, you lose yourself very easily.

Time heals


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Know that all pain fades, whether physical or emotional. Time is the most powerful medicine that makes bad memories and experiences fade away. In the end, all that remains is the feeling that we experienced something unpleasant, but we have difficulty remembering the details.

Learn to appreciate time and its healing power.

Only you have control over your happiness

As much as we are used to thinking that it depends on the people around us, our work, our money, our he alth, in fact we are the ones on whom the joy of life depends.

When we realize that it takes very little to be happy, we will understand that everything else loses its meaning and that only we are capable of creating a positive attitude towards life.

Make peace with your past

Don't make the mistake of wallowing in the past and letting it control the present. Make peace with him as you say goodbye to a loved one who has left this world. Past mistakes, past words, disappointments and relationships don't matter. The moment here and now is important.

Just move on!

Don't think so much

The more we think about something, the more difficult, hopeless or insurmountable it seems. Trust your instincts. Be spontaneous! Also, no one said you have to have all the answers. Sometimes one doesn't know what to do and you shouldn't be ashamed to admit it!

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