The best ways to cheer yourself up

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The best ways to cheer yourself up
The best ways to cheer yourself up

Our mood is not only influenced by the events in our life. Everyone has woken up in a bad mood for no apparent reason. Even if something nice happened to you the day before, you still rode the broom.

This is because certain physiological processes in our body guide our mood. That's why there are several ways to fix it by influencing it indirectly.

Monitor blood sugar levels

Blood sugar has to do with mood, not just whether or not you're at risk of diabetes.


Processing sugar affects how you feel. If your blood sugar is too low, your mood will be lethargic and sluggish. You instinctively reach for a piece of chocolate or candy at such times. It's because your body wants what it needs. It's a way to boost your blood sugar levels and thus your mood and energy levels.

Breathe deeply

Deep breathing is a technique you can use to improve your mood. In this way, you will bring fresh fresh air to your brain. It will affect the parasympathetic nervous system, and it will affect the mood. It is important to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. This will also normalize your heart rate.

Calm your nervous system

After all, the nervous system has the most direct bearing on mood. If you calm the nerves, you will also calm the anxiety and restlessness.

One of the most effective and useful methods of calming the nervous system is through herbs. Passionflower, magnolia, St. John's wort, lemon balm, mint, bergamot, sage, frankincense are suitable.


Teas and essential oils from these herbs are extremely effective in calming the nervous system and improving mood.

Take the right supplements

We don't always manage to get what we need with food. This is why we sometimes need to take nutritional supplements.

Supplements containing magnesium, vitamin B1 and B6 are the best way to counteract a bad mood. Add evening primrose essential oil and the effect will be great.

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