Furniture for a small bathroom

Furniture for a small bathroom
Furniture for a small bathroom

Do you have a small bathroom and you are about to renovate or want to make some cosmetic changes? When the area is small, everything must be well calculated in order to collect what we need, realize our ideas and feel comfortable when we use the bathroom.

Placing a corner sink can open up more space, and it's also an interesting solution. This can allow you to install a walk-in shower or separate the shower with a glass wall. In case you don't have space for a shower cabin, try a shower curtain.

As for cabinets, consider installing hanging ones. They are beautiful, modern, and a place opens up under them, in which you can arrange more beautiful objects for decoration or that you will use.

Mirrors are great when you want to create the illusion that the bathroom is bigger, this also applies to choosing lighter colors.

If the toilet bowl and bathtub are located next to each other, install glass to prevent splashing while you shower.

If the walls allow, you can make several niches in which to place a vase with a flower or to hold your cosmetics. You can see more good ideas for your small bathroom in our gallery.

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