"Little Book on the Big Questions in Management"

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"Little Book on the Big Questions in Management"
"Little Book on the Big Questions in Management"

About the book

In this handbook you will find everything an aspiring manager wants to know, as well as short and clear advice on how to put what you have learned into practice!

Managers monitor the achievement of the vision and strategic plans of their team or company on a daily basis. In the course of the work process, they constantly have to solve many problems related to managing people and projects, with contradictions between superiors and subordinates and with the implementation of company policy. This book aims to help executives at all levels of management by providing answers to a wide range of questions that each of them asks themselves at some point in their careers.

With The Little Book of Big Management Questions, you will learn:

  • how to delegate effectively, make better decisions and hold more productive meetings;
  • how to motivate your employees and set goals for yourself and them;
  • What to do to deliver projects on time and within budget;
  • how to improve in communication with customers and suppliers, as well as many other much-needed management knowledge and skills.

About the author

Dr. James McGrath received his Chartered Accountancy degree in 1976. For nearly 30 years he worked in the private and public sector as an accountant, auditor, financial controller, senior manager and management consultant. In 1998 he joined the staff of the University of Central England, where he was Course Director of the MA Education and Professional Development program and taught research skills as well as management and leadership.

He is the co-author of four books, including "A Little Book on the Big Theories in Management" (IC "Hermes", 2019). He retired from teaching in 2012 and devoted himself entirely to writing. This is his first independent book, after which he wrote "A Little Book of the Wisdom of Great Managers" (IC "Hermes", 2017). Member of the internationally recognized Association of Certified Accountants (ACCA). He holds a BA in Politics, an MA in Education and a PhD in Education from the University of Birmingham. His dissertation topic is related to management and leadership.

7 Key Messages from The Little Book of Big Management Questions

"Little Book of the Big Questions in Management" covers 76 of the most important questions and their answers, formulated in clear and accessible language. The collected tips can help you become the best manager you can be, and we present 7 key messages from the book related to self-management, managing people, projects and organizations.

1. Believe in yourself - if you don't believe in yourself, why should others believe in you?

2. You are your most valuable asset. Invest in your professional, social and cultural development.

3. Be open to new ideas and the possibility that you may have made a mistake at some point.

4. Get to know your employees, including their strengths and weaknesses and their likes and dislikes. Approach each individually. Provide opportunities for all employees to share their ideas.

5. Constantly monitor the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and the opportunities and threats it faces, especially your unit/team.

6. Learn to say no, especially to your bosses.

7. Practice thinking one, three and five years ahead and develop your strategic thinking skills.

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Volume: 368 pages

Cover price: BGN 19.95

ISBN 978–954–26–2093–8

Translation: Daniel Penev

Publishing house "HERMES" OOD

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