Can we overcome autoimmune diseases?

Can we overcome autoimmune diseases?
Can we overcome autoimmune diseases?

The first green GoBio festival will be held on May 18, 2014 in the "Maxi" complex at 110 Simeonovsko Shosse Blvd. in the capital from 09:00 to 18:00 Many attractions, lectures, sports, organic bazaar and many more surprises await you.

Prominent specialists in the field of he althy nutrition, psychology, traditional and alternative medicine will hold lectures and introduce visitors to the latest and most interesting from the world of a fulfilling lifestyle.


Nadya Petrova, holistic nutritionist, speaker at GoBIO festival turns to holistic nutrition to answer the question of how to help herself, as in her case traditional medicine cannot achieve lasting improvement.

Her first nutrition book is sent to her by her brother, the awakened interest turns into a profession. He helps himself, but decides he wants to help others too. Explore institutes in Canada and the US and enroll in Canada. He studied for two years at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where he understood that for a person to be he althy, there are three factors: food, level of physical activity and stress.

During the lecture we will answer a few basic questions: What is an autoimmune disease?

How did you get here? And how to overcome the consequences? But first let's start with the question of what is an autoimmune disease?

Simply put, an autoimmune disease means that a person's immune system mistakenly recognizes normal physiological processes as foreign invaders and starts attacking itself.

Hashimoto's thyroiditis was the first autoimmune condition recognized in the medical field. Hypothyroidism is most often described as a "sluggish" or "underactive" thyroid gland. This is something that was thought to happen to the elderly, but unfortunately, this is not the case with thyroid and autoimmune hypothyroidism.

In fact, her thyroid gland has to work overtime to produce enough hormone, while at the same time the immune system gradually destroys it. The problem is not the thyroid gland itself, but what the immune system is doing.

In theory, things sound like this:

1. Thyroid cells are damaged by an external agent, such as iodine, fluoride, viral infection, etc.

2. Dying thyroid cells send a stress signal.

3. Immune cells come to "save" the thyroid cells from the invaders.

4. But instead, the immune cells attack the thyroid gland.

5. Even more thyroid cells are damaged.

6. The body is unable to produce new thyroid cells.

7. The thyroid gland is no longer able to produce enough hormone.

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