Can you lose weight with only high-intensity training?

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Can you lose weight with only high-intensity training?
Can you lose weight with only high-intensity training?

Weight loss is achieved through a proper combination of diet and exercise. However, not all people have time for long daily workouts. That is why they rely on high-intensity training, where more calories and fat are burned in a shorter time. In these trainings, the intensity of the physical activity is maximum, and the time to perform the exercises is significantly shorter than that of standard cardio or strength training.

Sounds really promising - losing weight with high-intensity workouts that you don't have to do every day and won't take up so much of your time, while still achieving your dream figure.

But is high-intensity training alone really enough to lose weight?

The short answer is no. Nutrition is the first and most important part of losing weight. If you don't change your diet, shedding body fat would be much more difficult, and in some cases even impossible. Exercise, of course, is the other essential part of weight loss. However, they should be varied and be a combination of different physical activities that have different effects on the body. Therefore, if you only do high-intensity training, your success will not be as satisfactory.

A good weight loss diet that is he althy for the whole body should include plenty of lower-calorie foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables, he althy fats, protein, fiber, according to the Mayo Clinic.

To reduce excess weight you need to constantly challenge your body, put it in front of new tests, so that it does not get used to the same loads. That's why it's so important to make your workouts as varied as possible. These should include cardio, endurance, bodyweight and bodyweight exercises, flexibility and mobility exercises, and high-intensity training. The aggregate of all these components builds a great motor program that would give maximum results to your body. A fitness plan combining all these movement activities is the best you need to lose weight.

According to, high-intensity training is a fitness trend that does produce great results, but it's not enough on its own to achieve your goals. During these workouts, many calories are burned, the bonds and walls of fat cells are broken, which makes the removal of fat tissue easier, the metabolism is accelerated, and all these effects last long after the end of the workout. This sounds like great news for those who can't wait to lose weight and don't have time for long workouts.

High-intensity training however, is not enough to achieve optimal results. They can add a lot to the other components of a weight loss regimen, but they can't be of maximum benefit if you do them alone.

It is important to include intense workouts in your routine because they have great merits in melting fat and building muscle tissue. The better the muscles are developed, the faster fat is burned.

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