Love gymnastics for two

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Love gymnastics for two
Love gymnastics for two

Regardless of the fact that we conscientiously and honestly realize how important it is for our he alth and appearance to be in good physical shape and to exercise regularly once we get married or start a family my boyfriend and I still can't find time for the gym, or at least for the 15-minute cross-country in the park. And yet… he who seeks finds. Here are some easy, fun and enjoyable exercise suggestions designed for couples.

In the rhythm of the dance

I bet every woman has this favorite. Unfortunately, some of the representatives of the male gender are quite "tied" at the feet, but with diligence everything is achieved. In addition to intimate moments, dance offers us a very effective way to move and exercise. Depending on your mood, you can choose the aggressive sound and rhythm of hard rock or the sensual melody of tango. The other positive side of this "sport" is that you can choose according to your taste and preference where to practice it - in a disco, a club, at organized dance courses or at home in the living room.

Throw a ball

In specialized sports stores, you can find medicine balls that are not very heavy and are designed for such exercises. Stand about 3 meters away from your partner and …. just remember how as a child you tossed a ball in front of the block or in the school yard. As you get used to the weight of the ball, you can change your position – squat or turn your back to your partner and throw over your head. Get creative and you'll be surprised how many different body parts this simple exercise can work.

Squat - stand up

This rather demanding exercise is also very suitable for performing in pairs. Stand facing each other and hold hands for stability, give yourself enough space so your knees don't meet, and start squatting and standing up at the same time as one of you counts to time the pace and keep in sync. To diversify and complicate the exercise, you can put your hands on your partner's shoulders and turn slightly so that your knees diverge when squatting. Don't give up if you find it difficult. After just a few days of regular squatting, you'll be in great shape.

Who is more sustainable

Stand up straight and raise your arms to the sides. Your partner should stand behind you in the same position and place their palms on top of yours. Raise your hands up while he pushes them down and after 7-8 seconds change the direction of the pressure as well as the position of the hands. Repeat the exercise until it's fun for you and observe which muscle groups are most actively involved in it.

Let's stretch

You are standing upright again. Feet are shoulder-width apart. Your partner takes the same position two meters in front of you and performs the same movements as you in mirror sync. The goal is to stretch the waist, then the shoulder girdle and finally the neck, without putting too much stress on your joints by bending forward and backward and twisting left and right. The pace at which you perform this exercise should be relaxed, and your attention should be focused on slow and rhythmic inhalation and exhalation.

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