What separates charming people from the rest?

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What separates charming people from the rest?
What separates charming people from the rest?

Each of us has met at least one such person. After a few minutes spent together, this person always leaves a positive impression on us. He or she is charming, charismatic and manages to easily win people's sympathy, but also to be remembered as a character.

Jeff Hayden is one of the most popular authors of books on communication. According to him, each of us can create a positive image for ourselves and easily win the trust of our interlocutors.

In other words, what sets charming people apart from the rest and how to become one. See in the following lines.

Don't Pretend

Charming people do not try to win the attention and sympathy of others at any cost. On the contrary, their goal is to give without expecting anything in return. They also know how to admit their mistakes and failures.

They can talk about their weaknesses openly and they can tell you "I can't do that, I've been shown.". Charming people are like that because they value honesty and real emotions and always manage to show it.

They know how to communicate

Only one gesture is needed to know if someone really hears what we are saying and is interesting to them. Charming people always know how to communicate. They know that maintaining eye contact is really important in a conversation.

They smile when their interlocutor does too, follow his every emotion and expression. This feedback helps them find common ground and gain his trust.


Seeking Mutual Understanding

Most people unconsciously look for contradictions and arguments that can lead to an argument rather than having a conversation. Charming and charismatic personalities are always looking for common ground with everyone, and this helps them start and maintain an interesting conversation with positive emotions.

They use the power of touch

Touch is a powerful tool that helps people understand feelings better. In one experiment, scientists tried to express 12 emotions by touching their interlocutors, without words. It turned out that in 50 to 83% of cases, these emotions are conveyed correctly.

That's why, when you want to greet someone, think about how to do it, how to touch them in order to express your feelings in the right way. It is touching and expressing emotions that can turn you into a charming person.

They are good at using their facial expressions and gestures

Charming personalities express their emotions incredibly well and accurately. They easily turn even the most boring story into an exciting conversation and manage to ignite the interest of the people around them.

They predispose their interlocutor to share more because they know when and what questions to ask him.

They remember names and other important details

Charming personalities stand out from the rest because they always remember the names of the people they meet, as well as the little details about their personality. At the next meeting or in continued conversation when getting to know each other, they will address him or her by name. This always makes a good impression on the other side.

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