3 steps to help you stay motivated

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3 steps to help you stay motivated
3 steps to help you stay motivated

It often turns out that achieving success is easier than keeping what you have achieved, because it takes twice as much effort. Many people who have managed to move forward stop taking action and after a while go back much further than where they started. We share three effective steps that will show you how to continue to develop yourself as a successful person.

Report your progress

It sounds kind of complicated, but it's not. Take a piece of paper and write down the things you are doing now, what you did and achieved a month ago, six months ago or a year ago. Which of your habits have changed?

By doing this quick and easy benchmarking over a period of time, it will be much easier for you to see if and how much you have progressed. It is very easy to fall back into old habits that have hindered our development. By monitoring your effectiveness, you will be ambitious to continue to develop yourself as a person.

It is very important not to wait for some kind of reward from your fellow mentors to feel the appreciation and motivate you. Be proud of what you achieve with your daily efforts.


Have a vision of the end result

In order to achieve success in pursuing our goals, we must constantly visualize them, look at them as already accomplished plans. For example, during the Second World War, thousands of workers put tremendous effort into the production of parachutes.

Hard work, more than 10 hours a day, with repetitive movements. But these workers were reminded every morning that their every stitch and effort was part of something that could change the world, save someone's life.

As they worked, they were asked to think about the parachutes as if their most loved people would use them. It is the same today. The efforts you will make will tire you, bore you, but never lose sight of the end result.

Create a dynamic and varied daily life

In everyday life, it is very easy to get stuck in the routine, and if we give in to it, success moves away from us. That's why escape the negative rut and make your every day more enjoyable. Start from the workplace, which should be tidy, clean, and all the small details around you should give you positive energy.

Take on as many responsibilities as you can handle. Make things easy at work, not complicated. Avoid self-blame about what you didn't do. Create an efficient task schedule. Eat he althy, take frequent breaks and look for inspiration in your work.

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