The new job and new colleagues

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The new job and new colleagues
The new job and new colleagues

You are starting a new job, possibly your dream job. This means new colleagues and acquaintances, a new environment. You will need time to get used to the new work climate. For some it takes a month, for others half a year.

It all depends on how you will be welcomed in the new environment and your attitude. Be positive, but not overly optimistic. People are different. If for some there is a party to welcome them, for others it is possible that they have to navigate the work environment by themselves. There is no ideal option.

In each case, your friendliness and communication are crucial. And because we're different, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised or not by your new colleagues. Listed here are the most common types of colleagues we encounter in the office.

The schemer

The question of whether ladies or men do more scheming is debatable. The truth is, there's no way you won't encounter the intrigue. She is smiling, pretending to help, gossips and slanders and can't stand you. Can't wait to fail. No matter how busy her daily life is, she always finds time to badmouth a colleague. Ignore such people.

The Rattler

Wondering what's going on? The colleague from the next desk is typing on the keyboard. Well, it's not a noise you can't get used to.

The Loud Eater

Whether you're grabbing a quick bite at your desk or sitting in the office kitchen, there's always someone swooning. A delicate situation, because the remark at this moment may offend your colleague. Maybe time should pass and when you get closer share.

The colleague who doesn't clean his table after eating

These people are everywhere. Maybe they forget to clean themselves or is it a lack of education?

The colleague who hates Mondays

That who loves them? Never ask how he spent his weekend. A bad look from him will be the least you will face.

The Sloth

He's always complaining about how much work he has, but he's always late. He likes to leave earlier than others and does not take initiatives. Don't expect it to help you when you need it.

The colleague who walks past you but doesn't say hello. Congratulate him. This is education. The rest suggests some kind of complexes.

But the situation is not so dire. On the other side there are always smiling and kind colleagues. Those who know what collegiality and teamwork are. They are your new friends.

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