When we were 20 - the voice of youth calling and asking questions

When we were 20 - the voice of youth calling and asking questions
When we were 20 - the voice of youth calling and asking questions

It's time for new year balance sheet We look back in time. We stand in front of the crooked mirror and see ourselves - younger, more immature, more stupid even. Thoughtless actions, mistakes… Philosophically speaking, we can hardly call anything a "mistake", although we are who we are despite and because of the mistakes we have made. We should not guard against them too much, because that is how our personality is spoiled and at the first heated situation the fuses blow and our consciousness remains in the dark.

However, time is running out. If we used to run up to the 4th floor at home, now we step more smoothly so that there are no accidents. There is no time for fun anymore. The Responsibilities far outweigh the optional activities. Most often. It's okay to dive into our memories, wave our hand in regret, and sigh "eh, why didn't I do that too?".

Have I traveled enough? You keep saving money for some future spectacular trip around the world, and you have to invest it in something else. You want to meet new people, see new places, enrich your visual memory with new landscapes. And supposedly the time for that was the summer vacation, which seemed too short to us, then you finish your studies and start working, отпускуть не стага…

In that case, have I put enough into myself? Either way, the money for the trips was not being used as intended - was it enough as a good investment for my future? Music, dance, art, sports, languages - not only did there used to be more time for these, but we were also smarter and learned faster.

Did I try hard enough in my studies? You only live once - grades can always be higher, lessons - better learned, homework - better written. If we could sit behind desks now, none of us would be trying to memorize the right answers. We would probably emphasize practice in order to be able to react adequately in new situations. Anyway, more than 50% of us did not realize ourselves in the field for which we devoted a significant period of our lives.

But what should a person do if when he is focused only on his present, the future is jealous of him, and if he is focused on the distance in front of him, he forgets to look at his feet and steps crookedly.

The good news is that while we are still breathing, there is time for everything. We've heard all kinds of stories about 80-year-old grannies bungee jumping off a bridge, parachuting from an airplane, and headfirst into all sorts of adventures.

Take advantage of the fact that you have children. Not to experience your childhood through them, but to realize together with them longings that are inherent to the young. In this way, you will not only beautify their childhood, but also enrich your present with unforgettable experiences.

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