5 signs that you are at risk of diabetes

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5 signs that you are at risk of diabetes
5 signs that you are at risk of diabetes

Video: 5 signs that you are at risk of diabetes

Video: 5 signs that you are at risk of diabetes
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Diabetes is a serious disease that unfortunately affects a significant percentage of people in the world, and in Bulgaria over 600,000 people. Diabetes (or sugar disease) occurs due to the increased level of glucose in the blood (hyperglycemia). It is usually caused by inherited genetic causes. Blood sugar levels are controlled by complex interactions of many chemicals and hormones in the body, including the hormone insulin, in the pancreas.

Diabetes comes in three types – type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.

To know what is happening in your body, apart from regular blood tests, you need to monitor your reactions. Prediabetes can develop for years in you, and you do not pay attention to it and find out about the risk only when you have already been diagnosed with the dangerous disease. Many studies show that people develop prediabetes for 10 years before they develop type 2 diabetes.

But there are symptoms that can easily lead you to think that something in your body is not working properly (pancreas). And if you listen to your body regularly, you can avoid the danger.

Symptom 1: Feeling tired and sluggish after eating

Getting sleepy after eating a large lunch is not an abnormal reaction of the body. But if it happens often, it's time to change your eating habits and eat foods rich in protein and fiber that give you energy, not take it away.

Symptom 2: Overweight

Most people in the prediabetic state begin to gain weight. We often attribute it to a sedentary lifestyle, unhe althy eating, but these are only parts of the overall picture.

Sign 3: Your body looks more like an apple than a pear

Obesity and fattening of the body is a process that is characterized by putting on extra pounds everywhere. But the accumulation of fat in one particular area may be a sign that you are pre-diabetic.

If you are accumulating extra pounds in the abdomen and waist area, with the body shape starting to resemble an apple, it can be a convincing sign of diabetes in its initial form.

What can help you get in shape quickly and escape the clutches of diabetes is to do regular exercise specifically for these areas.

Symptom 4: High blood pressure

High blood pressure is associated with a number of diseases and a specialist examination is mandatory to diagnose you correctly. But in many cases, hypertension is also a sign of incipient diabetes. Monitor your blood pressure and if it is often higher than 130/85, take steps to control it.

Symptom 5: Carbohydrate Craving

Frequent ravenous hunger, even painful for something fatty, sweet, fast food or chips can be a sure sign that you have entered the dangerous territory of diabetes.