Strange but effective home remedies

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Strange but effective home remedies
Strange but effective home remedies

Thanks to the miracles of modern medicine we can save our he alth in many problematic situations. If penicillin hadn't been invented, we would still be dying from viral and bacterial infections to this day. But we have to note that household items and different foods are good too! You had no idea how useful they can be outside of their normal purpose!

For example – you have already taken two aspirin, but the headache does not go away? The pencil will help you! Or do you have stubborn skin warts? A little duct tape will fix everything! You don't believe it? Look!

Wart removal tape

In 2002, a small group of scientists compared the effectiveness of duct tape with liquid nitrogen in removing skin warts. After two months of wearing tape on the affected area and using a pumice stone once a week (to remove dead cells), 85% of the test subjects' warts disappeared!

Researchers discovered that the secret is in the chemical adhesive of the tape, which works on the principle of suffocating the tissue and killing the cells in this way. This caused the destruction of the warts. Another hypothesis is that the tape stimulates the immune system by causing irritation and it attacks the wart cells, destroying them, according to the doctors who conducted the experiment.

Oatmeal to soothe eczema

Oats have anti-inflammatory properties and it's been proven! If we are not quite sure about the beneficial effect of the tape, then there is no dispute here! Whether you use it as a paste to spread on the skin or as an addition to your hot bath, oats will relieve the symptoms of eczema, which are very unpleasant.

Oats are also thought to have an antihistamine effect (anti-allergic effect), which helps the immune system recover from the irritation caused by eczema.

Yogurt cures bad breath

Bad breath comes from a certain type and number of disease-causing bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. The beneficial bacteria in yogurt repair the damaged intestinal flora, which also improves bad breath. In addition, probiotics have a good effect on the fermentation of food residues in the intestinal tract, which further heals the oral cavity.

A tablespoon of sugar cures hiccups

You must have heard numerous “cures” for hiccups – holding your breath, drinking water in small sips or… having someone startle you! In general, nothing helps, least of all the last one. But eating a spoonful of sugar definitely helps. According to research, sugar acts already in the mouth to modify nerve impulses, which calms the smooth muscles of the esophagus and stomach, and especially the diaphragm, which contracts convulsively and causes hiccups.

Bite a pencil to cure a headache

Teeth clenching is a common external manifestation of stress. As you clench your jaw, you tense a certain muscle that connects the jaw to the centers of the brain that control the occurrence of pain. By placing a pencil between the teeth, we weaken the grip of the jaw muscles, which removes tension and reduces pain. This medicine does not work for headaches caused by inflamed sinuses, migraines, high blood pressure, but only for headaches caused by overwork, tension and stress.

Olives against seasickness

According to some studies seasickness is affected by the consumption of olives. One of the symptoms of seasickness is increased salivation, which rots the teeth as the saliva becomes saturated with stomach acids caused by the urge to vomit caused by seasickness. Olives contain tannins, which have the property of calming the urge to vomit and reducing the amount of saliva produced. Treatment is unfortunately only effective in the early stages of motion sickness.

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